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In case you want to sell your car, or you want to permute it against another vehicle, you can do it with us.

We purchase and we sell cars from two generations, we are, therefore, experts in doing that.

The evaluation is free of charge and can be done either coming at our office with your car or on line filling the form down here (we don’t make evaluations by telephone). The payment can happen, according to your demands, cash (within the limits of law), with Bank check or via Bank transfer.

To sell your car to us will allow you:

  1. To receive a secure down payment
  2. To accomplish all bureaucracy in less than an hour and for free
  3. To save the cost of advertisement
  4. To save the time to manage the advertisement (publication, response, appointments…)
  5. To treat with unknown people
  6. To avoid the risk of a possible fraud

Attention: Our quotation will be always inferior to how much you could get selling the car to a private customer.

This because us, professionals, we have to pay the expenses to reshape the vehicle to be able to resell it with the 12 months warranty. We recommend you, therefore, to ask us for an evaluation only in the case you are aware that the proposed value will be similar or inferior to the quotation of Quattroruote Professional.

We don’t make evaluations by phone.

If you want to sell your vehicle quickly and easily pass by or fill the form down here.

Bitte füllen Sie das Formular für eine Bewertung aus.
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